Achieving Greatness

I have always been told that if you think you are meant for greatness then it will be. Positive words of encouragement and support have long had a place in my life. Whether it has come from my family, my friends, or teachers growing up, I always felt supported in everything I do. When you get used to this type of routine it is very hard not to feel like you are unstoppable in this world. Over the years I have noticed that it’s not that easy to reach greatness. There are a few vital things you will need along the way.

Growing up in the 80’s I was always told that without an education I would never be able to compete in this world. I needed to attend good schools that were going to challenge me and make me stand out from the crowd. I did as I was told as child, and I made sure I did well in school. When I was 18 I realized that the time to compete for my spot in this world was upon me. Getting into college meant competing with a lot more than just the kids I had grown up with. This was when I realized that I was going to need a lot more than just good grades to be successful in this world. If not for the support I received from family and friends to keep me focused as I completed those last few years of college and graduate school, I don’t think i would have been prepared for the reality that was about to hit me as entered the “real world”.

In this day and age with the economy being in the state that it’s in, people are quickly realizing that its take a lot more than a degree from a prestigious school to get you where you want to be. You have done everything that you thought was required to do to attain that “American Dream”, but you have found that it’s just not enough. With two degrees, and additional certifications under my belt i have quickly realized that the idea of the “American Dream” is much further off in the distance then it probably was for my parents. Although we have the education and the drive to do well in this world, it’s going to take a lot more than that these days. As so many like me have realized, we may need to modify our original career paths to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves so long ago. In order to achieve greatness you need to be able to adapt to your environment. When you finally realize that something isn’t working the way you wanted it to, NEVER CHOOSE TO SETTLE.

So what do we need to reach greatness in 2011?

It is my opinion that a person determined to be somebody needs only a good idea and people around him/her who support it. This will help spark the additional qualities you will need to be a success in this world. It’s not all about having a dream and book smarts anymore its about the people around you who are willing to buy into what you can offer them.

Thanks for reading.


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