To Work or To Play, That is the Question

I recently traveled to Paris and Amsterdam for a much needed getaway. After numerous stressful days at work my trip couldn’t have come at a better time. When i arrived at my first destination i vividly remember seeing an endless amount of green from my airplane window. I cannot explain how at peace i felt. I knew this was going to be a great trip.

From the moment i arrived in Amsterdam, to my very last day in Paris, i could not stop thinking about how much i needed this trip. I travelled to these places with my boyfriend and two of his closest friends. Although we have all travelled together in the past, this trip was different for so many reasons. We had all reached a point in our lives where work and the stresses of life were getting to us. We all needed to get away and we all needed some time to reevaluate our present way of life. Our trip to Paris and Amsterdam afforded us the opportunity to see a different way of living. We took in beautiful scenery, ate amazing food, and enjoyed the company of the many positive people around us. While we were surrounded by endless amounts of beauty, we were also surrounded by the idea that you don’t have to live to work, you should LIVE to LIVE.

Since my return to the States i have been on a “live to live” kick. I am trying to stress less about work, spend more time outdoors enjoying my friends and family, and i am not as concerned about planning for the future. I would much rather enjoy one day at a time. If you ever get the chance to travel and see how other people live i would suggest you soak in as much of their culture as you can. You can learn a lot from those around you. There is so much more to life than just working to pay your school loans off or saving for that big dream house. Live for today! You can still be responsible and enjoy your life to the fullest. Splurge on the dress in that boutique you always pass by. Indulge in a last minute getaway just because you know you need it. You may come to find down the road that those things you thought were such a priority only kept you from enjoying your life the way you really wanted to. I’ll never forget Paris and Amsterdam. NEXT YEAR ITALY!!


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