A Little Self Reflection

If anyone could describe you in one word what word would you NOT want them to say?


Now take some time to think about the word you chose. What is it about this word that would affect you?


  1. Unloving is the word I would hate for them to use. It would hurt to think that people didn’t see how much I really DID CARE and LOVE them. I have an encouragement blog you might want to check out some time. I enjoyed your post and your questions. You made me think, a good thing!

    1. Thank you for sharing. Being thought of as unloving would definitely be a hard thing to hear. You do as much as you can for those you love but sometimes those actions go unnoticed. If you know that you are are a genuinely loving and giving person remember you gave of yourself never asking for anything in return. This thought would help me see past the fact that one day there may be some who think you didn’t do enough. Thanks again for reading and sharing your insights.

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