Ponder This

What would you like to keep doing, stop doing, and start doing? 



      1. I am working on it today because every year I look back and wish I got started a year before. As I get older it’s harder and harder to stay active and on top of the fatigue. So yes, I am working on it today but hope to do so a little more diligently 😉 I also have up the rat race of too many activities and sports with my kids. I recognize the value of balance and rest so that is something I have mastered. How about you? What does that saying mean to you?

      2. Thank you for sharing this. It’s great when you can honor a need by giving it value and meaning in your life. This helps us to put forth the effort required to achieve our goals. Your health is important to you and you see value in taking care of yourself by making a more conscious effort. I wish you much success on your journey to better health. Continue to honor this goal by recognizing how this goal will lead you closer and closer to that balanced life you strive to have. I chose the saying for this post because it really resonated with me. Since posting the question I have really tried to ask this question of myself every day. I may not get everything on my to do list done each day but I ask myself have I honored the things that are most important to me each day? When I look back on my day I want to be able to say that I worked on, and gave my attention to those things that were most important to me. They brought me joy, they gave me a sense of satisfaction, they provided me with an opportunity to help others, or they were tasks that were just true to my passions. These are some of the things I value and try to incorporate into my everyday. If I can honor these things every day i would be a very happy girl. Practice makes perfect, so I am getting into the habit of asking myself this question everyday. Perhaps this will help me to be less hard on myself when it comes to the things I don’t do and have pride and see meaning in the things I am doing. A year from now I want to be able to say “I honored my passions and did my best every day.”

      3. I love that! I may ask myself that question every day as well. Maybe I already do but in different words. I love quotes! They really make you examine yourself and the way you live your life 😉

  1. Thank you for finding my blog and liking. I too love quotes. One of my favorites is from Thomas Mann: Be ashamed to die until you have done something to benefit mankind”. Another is from Jesus: Love one another. You have a most interesting blog and I look forward to coming again!

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