Anything Could Happen


“I know it’s going to be.” These are the words I now repeat to myself on a regular basis.  2013 has been a year filled with significant change for me. I have made several important life decisions, and have fully embraced my potential to be great. While some of you might be asking why is this year is different from any other, I’ll tell you. This year I decided to look at my life very differently. I stepped away from focusing on the things that might not happen for me and decided to put all my energy on what I know will be. Anything could happen if you keep moving in the direction of your dreams. I have to tell you a small change in perception can really change your life.


Why do we constantly preoccupy our minds with thoughts of what might not turn out well for us? If life is what we make it, why can’t we focus on making it great for ourselves? While it may be hard for many of us to adopt the practice of thinking optimistically, have we ever stopped to wonder why is it so much easier to think of what might go wrong in our lives.

Grab hold of each day with optimism and embrace what will be. Take charge of charting your own course in life by making decisions that will bring you closer to your hidden and most significant desires. We all know what we don’t want in life. Let’s start asking ourselves what we do want. Anything could happen when let go of doubt and make room for possibility.“It takes one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.” Robert H. Schuller

The Universe is Listening Ask for the Things you Want not for the Things you Don’tWhen you want something the universe will consipre to help you achieve it

When I stopped thinking about the things I didn’t want to have happen in my life I made room for what I did want. Once I made the shift for myself I noticed how differently I approached life and all of its ups and downs. Setbacks appeared like challenges from the universe that would only lead me closer to my goals. Success no matter how small appeared to me as major victories pushing me closer and closer to my truth. I stepped away from my old negative way of thinking and set aside all limiting beliefs that things couldn’t or shouldn’t work out the way I want them to. Why not? Why can’t I have what I want? I deserve happiness, success and all the comforts of life that any other person deserves. Unlock those hidden desires. Dust off an old ambition you had when you were younger. You have all the time you need to make things happen for yourself. The universe will bring forth whatever you ask of it. Start putting your needs out there. The universe is listening. “There is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe…. The soul of the world is nourished by people’s happiness.” Paulo Coelho

Your Past does not Dictate your Future. 


Every experience in life has a lesson to be taken from it. We are each provided with opportunities throughout our lifetime to draw from the experiences the universe sets in front of us. While these experiences have the power to influence our course in life it important that we always remember that we have the final say when it comes to how we chose to move forward.  Your past does not dictate your future. You charter the course all on your own. By deciding to take away those aspects of your past that bring meaning, understanding, growth or motivation you don’t chose to banish your past but take with you those things that will help to create the future you so deeply desire. Examine your past and extract those memories that will enable you to charge ahead with courage and determination. Settling into those negative aspects of your past will only help to keep you stuck in a time when things were not working in your favor. Chose to remain stuck and the universe will aid you to stay there. Chose to reclaim your present reality and watch as the universe begins to provide you with the subtle messages you’ll need to keep you moving forward.  Messages of clarity, power, and possibility will soon begin to emerge. When you decide that you will no longer let your past hold you back the universe will provide you with an opportunity to make things right. Stop looking back. Take only what you need and move in the direction of your dreams. Choose to embrace greatness now and take it with you wherever you go. Your future will begin to look brighter and more appealing with each passing day. “Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday. Realize the past no longer holds you captive. It can only continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. Let the past go. A simply abundant world awaits.” Sarah Breathnach

Embrace Choice and Grab Hold of What you Want 

Do you yearn for new experiences and new challenges in life? Do you find that this yearning over powers even your most deep-rooted fears? What are you doing about it? “Reality is what you embrace.” Daniel Lee Edstrom When we take time to reflect on those things we want for ourselves we allow for an inner dialogue with our authentic selves to begin. What we experience throughout this dialogue is an internal struggle taking place between our loyal soldiers and our authentic self. These loyal soldiers serve as our protectors. They remind us to be cautious, to think strategically, and to weigh every option before taking action. While our loyal soldiers mean well and only want the very best for us, they serve as barriers to our authenticity. They will pull you back from taking a risk because their duty is to remind you of the negative outcomes that may result. When we adhere to our loyal soldier’s advice we shy away from living fully. We relinquish our power to make ambitious choices. Choices that potentially could bring us one step closer to our true potential. It is not the fault of our loyal soldiers that we decide to remain in this safe state of existence. Their duty is to protect and when adhered to they succeed in their goal. So how do we learn to work with our loyal soldiers in an effort to fully embrace our choices and go after those things we deserve? The trick is to take command of your internal army. PULL RANK! Assert your rank as commander of your army and relieve your loyal soldiers of their duty for the moment. You’ve got this, and you know what you need to do. Playing out this inner dialogue can prove beneficial for anyone who finds themselves torn between making a choice around their life. Tell your loyal soldiers what you feel and listen as you slowly begin to step into your power and embrace the choices you know will lead you towards greatness. There may be risk, there may be fear, but life is about seizing your power and letting it guide you where you need to be. Failure, setbacks, and disappointment will surely be experienced but as commander and chief you have all the tools and attributes required to rise above and continue to fight on. It is your choice. Grab hold of what you want and keep moving forward. “You have to take risks … We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” Paulo Coelho

You Have Everything You Need To Be Great 5834663863_18d42a93bf

A few years ago I felt lost. I felt stuck. I felt detached from my authentic self. I had allowed a past derailment define me and take hold of my reality. The days became routine. I settled in all things that were comfortable and familiar. Where there was risk or doubt involved, I saw myself wanting nothing to do with it. I yearned for safety and security and I fought to get it even if it meant sacrificing the person I was. Once fearless and full of enthusiasm towards the world and how I was going to one day contribute to it, I slowly began to let my loyal soldiers take command of my daily interactions and decisions. I needed protection. I needed the comfort that came with living cautiously and strategically. I needed to plan, to save, and to join the ranks of all those people who resisted the unknown for the warmth and peace of mind that came with complacency. I retreated deep into myself. A hibernation of sorts took place. My authenticity lay dormant as I walked through life on auto pilot. I graduated school because I needed to. I took a job I wasn’t necessarily passionate about because that’s what one does to survive. I climbed the ranks because this is what you must do in order to truly be successful. My every move was robotic. I did what I thought I had to in order to secure a comfortable future for myself. I felt exhausted, bored, and dissatisfied. I felt isolated and detached from my authenticity and power. I knew I could and should want more for myself. I felt confused but conversely I felt curious about my present reality. I questioned where I presently was and how far off course I had allowed myself to drift. It was as if I had been walking around with blinders on. Only choosing to see the safe road ahead as I completely disregarded all the winding and wondrous roads I had so often chosen to travel on many years before. I felt a deep sense of loss. I had lost time that I would never get back. I had lost my place. My desire for security and stability had prevented me from being fully present in my own life. I had stepped away from the world around me and had chosen to live in perpetual darkness. Enough was enough. I sat with myself one day and posed the question I would need to answer if I ever hoped to be an agent of change in my own life. “What do you really want and what are you doing NOW to live your truth?”It was at this moment that I decided to relieve my loyal soldiers of their years of service. They had fulfilled their duty and had served their purpose. They had successfully protected me from myself, but it was time that I take back that control.

What I realized in this moment was that I would never ever lead myself towards anything I couldn’t fully manage. My doubt and fear had finally been replaced with a trust in myself to finally take charge and persevere through my presenting obstacles. I had everything I needed to be great, to be safe, and to be happy. There was a renewed sense of abundance all around me. My authentic self had finally awoken from her many years of slumber. Ready to charge ahead and ready to step into power. I believed her and I allowed her voice to resonate within me. “I have everything I need to be great.” “I know it’s going to be.” No longer feeling that sense of loss I became enthused by all that I wanted to discover about myself. Reinvigorated by the shift in perspective I was ready to embrace my greatness and to be fully present in all aspects of my life. “It is amazing how your life changes when you embrace the reality that you’re better than the life you’ve settled for.” Steve Maraboli

Never settle! We all have an innate ability to be great. The universe has a way of recycling, rejuvenating, and re-energizing all. Awaken whatever has lain dormant within you and allow for your power to emerge and guide you toward what is true. Sit with yourself and unveil that part of you that has traveled through life without that light from within to guide you. You deserve to see what’s out there. In the distance lies potential and possibility. It is within you and all around you. You are great! Believe it. Speak it. “The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.” C. JoyBell C.

Find Balance by Fighting for What will be and by Accepting What is 


While our lives will never be perfect one should never stop fighting for what they know deep down could and should be theirs. One must be willing to embrace all aspects of their journey to fully appreciate their arrival to the proverbial finish line. It’s not the final outcome that we relish in, it the journey to that outcome that brings about meaning and a sense of true accomplishment. All aspects of our journey will never be entirely positive or negative. A combination of the two realities will exist for each of us. It when we accept this as our reality we find balance and see value in our experience with adversity as well as with success. When we step fully into the possibility that we may experience both good and bad throughout our lifetime, we step into our power and approach life and its ups and downs with open arms. We let down our walls and protective faculties and we accept what is. Anything could happen in this life and that’s OK! Step into your life. Whether you are fully present for it or if you chose to shut yourself out to it, one thing remains true, life will continue to be. You cannot stop it so why not join in and fully live it. Anything could happen. “You have to take risks … We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” Paulo Coelho

Ambition In The City


  1. Beautiful written as always and very inspiring. It`s a pity that people focus more on things that could go wrong instead of focusing on the positive. Thanks for sharing your wonderful words.

    1. Thank you Nadyess!
      It is a pity that tend to focus on the negative more than the positive. It’s all a matter of retraining our minds. When we change our minds we really have the power to change our lives. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You are BRILLIANT! Thank you for this timely read. There are many notable words in this beautiful work of artful inspiration, and I will never forget to “PULL RANK!” I love your charge to embrace whatever happens, but don’t let go of those things you know you deserve and somehow have a knowing are inherently yours for, “I know it’s going to be.” #POWERHOUSE #BESTSELLER #PULLRANK!!!

      1. Definitely! Glad to be tuned in! You’re welcome! My honor and I know anyone who views it will find it to be just as rich as I did! 🙂 You are an amazing Coach, Writer, and Woman!

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