Ponder This…

Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing? 71846556527258225_9O4JQ7ff_c

Are you doing something each day that makes you feel truly alive? If choosing the safe road has led you down a path of regret and despair, remember it’s never too late to clear your own path and take charge of your life. Envision another road being paved just for you and explore what exists from this place. It takes creativity, bravery, and an open mind to change your life course. Change is possible, even for you. Let go of those limiting beliefs in this moment and explore what can be shifted in your life. Your happiness is worth more than any fear you might be feeling towards the unknown, so go out there and be curious. Embrace the unknown and look at it from the eyes of a five-year old child. As you look at life through your 5-year-old eyes what’s exciting or magical about this new path you want to explore? What do you feel deep down in your core? Are there butterflies in your stomach just waiting to burst free with excitement? What colors and sensations do you see and feel from this place? Can you reach out and touch what’s there just waiting for you? As you fully embody this five-year old and all the energy and aliveness they exude, you yourself might start to feel reinvigorated. That untraveled road you once looked at with fear now starts to look inviting and enticing. This place is safe and you are free to roam about and just play. As you take in this new place, feelings of curiosity and fearlessness begin to emerge. Grab hold of these feelings in this moment. You have found what you are looking for. That part of you that is fully present,alive, and courageous. From here you are curious, playful and brave. You do not fear the unknown from this place, but embrace it with feelings of excitement and wonder. Look at your life now with these new eyes and determine what’s possible from here. When you have fully committed to keeping these feelings and sensations alive then and only then can you decide to take action towards change. Are you doing what you believe in, or is it time make a change?

Ambition In The City


    1. When you believe you have time to do the things that bring you alive you end up feeling like you have more time than usual. Try it out and watch you will start to have time for all those interests you have. Thanks for reading. Come back again soon Kerri.

    1. Hi Keladelaide,

      I would just like to acknowledge the tremendous amount of courage you posses in this moment of transition. Congrats to you! You are capable of making this change in your life. Your freedom and ultimately your happiness stand before you in this very moment. Continue to carry that courage to make this shift in your life and you will surely land where you were always meant to be. So very happy for you.

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