Ponder This…

Do you remember a time  years ago when you were extremely upset?  Does it really matter now?


Whether you’ve been experiencing a tough day, tough week, or even a tough couple of months recently, just remember this too shall pass. Be patient with yourself and embrace the choices you have to keep moving forward. Never allow for what makes you upset today to carry over to your future. Let go of the people, places, and things that no longer serve you. When we give importance to those things that only hold us back we gamble our happiness and potential for a better life.  Put your happiness and peace of mind first today! Your future self will be so very grateful for it.

Ambition In The City


    1. Hi Catherine,

      Thank you for commenting on this post. I am glad it resonated with you. Please stop by again soon. I just visited your site and I must say, your paintings are absolutely gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  1. “Do you remember a time years ago when you were extremely upset? Does it really matter now?”

    As it turns our, for me, no… and very little that upsets me is something that I need to take up with someone else… so, less and less upsets me these days.

      1. Well, I can’t take credit for figuring it out; not alone. So, I can’t step up for a prize. I had a mentor. He’d learned from a mentor, and I don’t know exactly the history — but it truly works to quiet the ego when the upsets are rooted in me first. I choose to look at what I need first, unselfishly, before bringing an upset against another person. It is just as it turns out wrong to act against the other person first. In time, I really did change; true. I think it took maybe five or six months to notice that I was entirely free of the normal flares of frustrations and temper almost altogether. I find that life is far more pleasant when I can accept most of what used to trigger me as what is not under my control.

        May I ask what motivated you to post this?

      2. This post was motivated by the many people, including myself, that allow things to upset us on a regular basis. When we permit ourselves to be bothered by things that are more often then not out of our control we permit our a part of us to be pushed off course. Whether it is for a brief moment or for several days or weeks allowing oneself to be bothered serves no purpose. We lose sight of ourselves while the person or thing that has upset us continues on its way living its life happily. Let go! As quickly as our frustration emerges from within us let is leave our bodies just as fast. Acknowledge it and release it. Never let it settle or latch on to any part of you. We can make the choice to let go of anything that is upsetting us when we recognize that it just feels better to have it roll off of us and move on. We are stronger and more important than any issues that might be festering in our mind.

  2. “Never allow for what makes you upset today to carry over to your future.”
    “This post was motivated by the many people, including myself, that allow things to upset us on a regular basis.”
    The upset is within — thus it is upset; bubbling from within… and yet upsets cause a disturbance that compels action. I tell myself, “Catch the upset if you can and you may then direct attention towards your need.” My needs demand attention; this is physiological. Yet, if another person “triggers” an unmet need stirring within me, I may miss it that it is my need that is demanding attention. I think we are no taught being able to interpret the physiological basis for needs and it is confusing unless being completely narcissistic and yet somehow managing

    1. I love this. So many of us can lose sight that our upset is in fact an unmet need that is stirring within us. It is so easy to place the blame on the person that is causing our upset and overlook entirely that the origin of our upset might in fact being coming from within. This just speaks to how utterly important it is to take a step back and self reflect before we allow ourselves to spiral into a state of suffering.

      1. negative emotion separates… disturbs… thus, the ego engages the perceived threatening source/the other person or thing to overcome it or it repels away.

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