Ponder This..

If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make them? 


There is power behind every mistake we make in this life. If welcomed as an opportunity for enlightenment and growth, our mistakes have the ability to reignite the fire we each have within us. This fire houses all of our ambitions and dreams for the future. It is the very reason we take chances in the first place.  Mistakes are a normal part of life ,and when we accept them as such, we leave room for our courage, curiosity, and creativity to reemerge. Dwelling on a past mistake will only result in the clouding of your vision. Pick yourself up and acknowledge what insights can be taken away from this minor detour. Never allow for a mistake to fill your mind with fear.  It is within your power to take back the reins and reclaim what you know you deserve. Clear a path for your dreams to flourish by embracing your mistakes. Embrace choice and keep moving forward.

Ambition In The City


  1. I was raised a businessman and am now retired. I studied in school and my degree was in Business Administration. I am not much into philosophy, etc., but do read very good posting as yours.

    I found as a manager, that fear of mistakes drives many employees at all levels. Some bosses when discovering an employee mistake become angry and confrontational. Of course, this makes the employee, more careful and cautious, which in turns makes them slower and defensive in all actions.

    Also, I made decisions all of the time. Most do not matter.

    I agree with you–mistakes are really a learning opportunity. I once used credit cards carelessly and one day read a book called, ‘Your Finances in Changing Times.” I was shocked that I was spending $13 a month more than I took in, and was using credit cards to make up the difference. It took time, but thanks to my wife, we were debt free in four years. I also learned my wife is great at home finance, so I let her handle it without interference.

    I had my first heart attack at age 40 and lost 65 pounds and thanks to God alone the weight never same back. I also started exercising–body toning and jogging–later walking due to bursitis in my heels. I am 80 and still walk some, but walk the dog every day and active doing the shopping.

    Spiritually one day at age 30, I saw the value of Jesus and He changed my life. I did not become perfect for sure, but I was changed in some kind of mysterious way.

    I could go on with stories, like how I stay marred 57 years to the love of my life–my high school sweetheart. She is still beautiful.

    Have a nice week–sorry this was so long. I am retired. lol


    1. Thank you Frank for such a lovely comment. Your insights are greatly appreciated. So glad to read that you were able to make such significant shifts in your life. It’s never too late. It especially great if you have a wonderful partner by your side. Your wife sounds like a wonderful woman. Please write to me any day. As a life coach it’s my passion to engage with people. So keep your thoughts coming. 🙂
      Have a great day!

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