Ponder This…

If you were given a choice between being given great wisdom or great wealth, which would you choose?


Acknowledge all that you have and the take notice of the abundance that exists in your life now. Never feel as though you need to choose between wisdom and wealth. You are capable, and deserving of both. We are each uniquely whole, creative, and resourceful. It is only when we acknowledge this as our truth that we have the ability to amass all of the wisdom and wealth we see fit to cultivate in our lives. Call forth all that is natural and great within you and watch as these gifts and talents guide you closer and closer to inner wisdom, personal growth, and abundance.

Ambition  In The City


    1. Yes it is 🙂 What’s important is that you acknowledge you already have both wisdom and abundance in your life. Wisdom for me is paramount to living a full and complete life. I want to learn and gain knowledge and awareness of as much as possible while i’m on this earth. Wisdom is for me a priceless thing. Thanks for commenting. Please come back again soon.

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