On Vacation


Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying these last few beautiful days of summer. Today I will be flying out to New Orleans with my love for much-needed play, rest, and adventure. While I’m away I will not be posting on Ambition In The City. This will be a time for a complete recharge and reboot for me. I am very excited and am looking forward to being inspired by the beautiful people of New Orleans. I plan to take in all the art, culture, and vibrancy that this wonderful place has to offer. I am certain that this mini vacation will help to shift me back into gear and motivate me to keep moving forward with my coaching, writing, and art. Looking forward to sharing my experience with you all when I get back on September 4th.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with love, laughs and a lot of positivity. Live it up!


Ambition In The City

downpour on bourbon street - millsap- web 83FG000A 1608951270_PMXHb4h-250x250


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