It’s all In Your Head

fear-is-in-your-head1Have you ever taken the time to listen to those voices in your head? Those resounding voices that continue to convince you that you can’t or shouldn’t fight for what you want.  It is these voices that convince you to stay small; to fight back the urge to even step out and try. Everything you are running away from is all in your head. While these voices may be powerful in their own right, they are nothing in comparison to your authentic voice. Your authentic voice was born before any of these voices were created in your mind. These voices originated out of doubt, out of fear, and for the vast majority, were birthed because of others insecurities. At times, taking these voices on as your own was easy.  To some extent, keeping ourselves small ensured that we would also be kept safe.

Why stand out from the crowd when you can settle into the background and know where you always stand?

Why fight for what you believe in when you can just learn to adapt and roll with the punches?

Why have a voice when there is always someone out there who can speak for you?

WHY, because YOU matter!! Not the “you” that you’ve convinced yourself to be, but that authentic you. That person who knows that life is more than just getting by and playing small. At the core you know that you have a purpose, and that purpose deserves to be explored, unearthed, and shared with the world.

Step into your power and fight for your authentic self. Find ways to acknowledge and perhaps even come to understand the many voices that have led you all this time. When we can come to a place of understanding and gratitude we can move forward with a heightened sense of awareness and new-found perspective. Allow yourself to experience the shift that comes with reconnecting with your authenticity and purpose. Step forward and let yourself be seen among the crowd. Fight with intensity and passion for what you know matters, and proclaim to the world that your voice is unique and deserves to be listed to.

Run towards, not away. Your future self with thank you for it.

Ambition In The city


  1. Not sure what to say–great post and full of truth. I am 80 and was passive, took what was offered, did the best is could for my employer and wife and just got back from another trip to Hawaii.

    I was a people pleased and passive all of my life except possibly recently due to a book I read.

    Maybe some young people can benefit from what you are teaching.


    1. Hi Frank,

      It’s never too late to start listening to what you want and need. I am so very glad you have begun to step out of that people pleasing role and embrace the life you want. Congrats on Hawaii. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story.

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