Ponder This…

Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?

quotes-change-is-the-essence-of-life-be-willing-to-surrender-who-you-are - Copy

You’ve lived this day before. You know every decision and every move you’ll make today. There is safety and comfort here, but somehow you find yourself wanting. You look out, and wonder what else is there. “Is everyone’s life like this?”

PREDICTABLE, EMPTY, and UNFULFILLED are words you’re becoming all too familiar with. These words echo in your mind on a regular basis, with the hope that maybe one day you will hear their call.  Deep down inside the voice of your authentic self is stirring. Every once in a while he or she will emerge from within you and call out “THIS IS NOT LIVING!” From the pit of your belly you sense their power, and for a moment you hear what it is they have say. The problem, you don’t know how to live any other way.

Make a choice to receive the change you know you need and deserve. Abandon old habits and take up new more positive ones. Listen for the passions that still live inside you. It’s never too late to explore the unknown. What you know to be safe and comfortable today no longer serves you. Look for what brings you alive. Stand up today with strength in your heart and clarity in your mind. Surrender who you are for what you could become. You are worth it.

Ambition In The City


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