What Brings You Joy?

I Paint because it brings me joy. What brings you joy?


This weekend I completed two art pieces for a friend and colleague of mine. It was such a pleasure working on this project that I wanted to share my experience with you all.  The two paintings above are my first commissioned pieces, so I am sure you can imagine my excitement. I am filled with pride and am grateful to have been given an opportunity to share my passion with someone that can truly appreciate it.

 Over the past few months I have definitely started to uncover a part of myself that lives to create through art. I mentioned in previous postings that I only recently started to paint again after I returned from a trip to Italy. This trip for me represented an awakening of a part of me that has long been locked away. While on this trip, I visited several art galleries and got to know some wonderful local artists. I found myself enthralled by their undying passion, and commitment to their craft. They were vibrant individuals with endless amounts of talent.  As they each put it, they got to wake up every day in paradise and paint till their hearts content. This for me was just a beautiful thing to witness. This was living.  When I left this magical place I promised myself that I would rekindle my love for painting and just see what happens.  It was time for me to practice what I preach in my coaching with my clients.  How can I encourage others to unlock these parts of themselves if I’m not taking notice of these parts of myself as well? I left Italy with the intention to dust off a passion I had long been ignoring and let it come alive again. I couldn’t wait!

 Upon my return to New York, the days quickly got away from me. I returned to work re-energized from my ten-day vacation, but I felt like something was still missing. I wanted to paint! Limiting thoughts charged into my mind every time the idea of painting surfaced. I would worry about the money I was going to need to support this hobby, my lack of training and a number of other silly notions I attempted to convince myself of. Days went on like this until finally I received a sign.  I arrived home one day after work and was met with a coupon for a local art store that had recently opened in my area.  NO MORE EXCUSES!  I told myself I couldn’t ignore this obvious sign for me to do what I had promised myself only a few days prior. I took the coupon and quickly ran down to BLICK art store with my credit card and huge smile on my face. The rest is history!

It’s been a little over four months since that fabulous day in May, and I am now a frequent shopper at BLICK, or as I like to refer to it, my adult Toys R Us.  You can find me at BLICK almost every weekend picking up a new canvas or stocking up on vibrant paint colors that bring a smile to my face.  I worry less about the cost of supplies and my lack of training because the feeling of freedom that I get when I am painting is absolutely priceless.  I find that when I’m painting, I am lost to the world. I am focused and aligned with that teenage girl who just loved to make a mess and create. I enjoy feeling the brush against my finger tips and the feeling I get when I put paint to canvas. It’s a magical experience and it’s one that gives me a great deal of satisfaction.  As I look back at these past few months, I am so happy I made the decision to follow my intuition and return to my passion for painting.  I dreamed, I believed, and I definitely unlocked a part of myself I am so very happy to get to know again.

“If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint“, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” 
― Vincent van Gogh

Ambition In The City


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