Feed Your Passion and Be Inspired


This week I will be attending Art Basel Miami Beach. As many of you know It’s been a little over 6 months since I got reconnected with my passion for art. Over the past few months I have been painting up a storm. Whether the pieces have been for pure enjoyment or commissioned works for my friends or family, one thing is for sure, painting brings me alive! As I continue on this path of self exploration I have begun to seek out the guidance and expertise of those individuals who have been in the art game for longer than I have been walking this earth. Art Basel is just another opportunity for me to learn from some of the best of the best. Over the next few days I hope to soak up as much art as possible. I will be fully present and open to all the beauty and inspiration that will surely be flowing throughout the city. I look forward to seeing the works of some of the most acclaimed international artists and am eager to meet some of these artists in person. As I continue to cultivate this passion I encourage you all to step fully into whatever it is that brings you alive. Look for that thing that causes an excitement and sensation deep down in your belly. How are you honoring this inner steering? Cultivate your beautiful ideas by giving them the love and attention they need to flourish into something beautiful. Wishing you all a fabulous rest of the week.  Keep going after those things that bring you joy. Embrace choice and keep moving forward.

Ambition In The City

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