Where We are is Where we Need to Be


Image via vectoc.com

I never realized how blessed I was until I truly started living in the present. It was only when I started functioning from my spirit that I truly began to see the life that I had in front of me. I took notice of the love and affection, the laughter and joy, the beauty of the world around me, and the ambitions and talents that exist in my life. Today my spirit and my heart guide me. Where my head was once the sole captain of my journey, I now permit the voices of my true center to man the ship that will take me where I need to be. Taking inventory of my life has led me to this wonderful discovery. Listening more and second guessing less has enabled the voices of my spirit to emerge and reclaim their power. Their is wisdom from within that is just waiting to be given its proper audience. Will you listen? Will you take notice?

Ambition In The City 


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. A number of years ago I met a person of the Hari Krishna faith in an airport. After talking for a bit I admitted that I knew very little about his faith belief. He smiled, leaned forward and said “Where you are is where you should be, right now.” I’ve never forgotten that simple harassment and your blog made me smile

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for sharing this lovely story. It is just such a perfect example of the power of just stopping to take notice of the now. It’s so hard for so many of us to do this, but when it finally happens it’s always such a beautiful thing. Thanks again for visiting. I hope you come back again soon.


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