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“Self-discovery” by Rita Loyd © 2011


Why is it that we can always see the good in others but when asked to describe the good in us we can’t seem to find the words? Self appreciation is healthy and very necessary. Acknowledge the good in you today. Be your biggest fan. 

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Feed Your Passion and Be Inspired


This week I will be attending Art Basel Miami Beach. As many of you know It’s been a little over 6 months since I got reconnected with my passion for art. Over the past few months I have been painting up a storm. Whether the pieces have been for pure enjoyment or commissioned works for my friends or family, one thing is for sure, painting brings me alive! As I continue on this path of self exploration I have begun to seek out the guidance and expertise of those individuals who have been in the art game for longer than I have been walking this earth. Art Basel is just another opportunity for me to learn from some of the best of the best. Over the next few days I hope to soak up as much art as possible. I will be fully present and open to all the beauty and inspiration that will surely be flowing throughout the city. I look forward to seeing the works of some of the most acclaimed international artists and am eager to meet some of these artists in person. As I continue to cultivate this passion I encourage you all to step fully into whatever it is that brings you alive. Look for that thing that causes an excitement and sensation deep down in your belly. How are you honoring this inner steering? Cultivate your beautiful ideas by giving them the love and attention they need to flourish into something beautiful. Wishing you all a fabulous rest of the week.  Keep going after those things that bring you joy. Embrace choice and keep moving forward.

Ambition In The City

24 Hours of Happy By Pharrell


It’s Friday and I’m in love with Pharrell‘s newly released Happy Music Video. Please take a moment to listen to this catchy tune. I don’t know about you, but it just makes me smile. If you like this 4 minute video and find yourself wanting to hit repeat, head on over to where Pharrell has an extended 24-hour-long video showcasing a number of beautiful, happy people singing to his upbeat lyrics. Give yourself permission to dance along and have a little bit of fun this weekend. Pharrell’s got the right idea. Happy Friday everyone! 

Creativity Takes Courage

Be brave today and don’t be afraid to draw outside the lines. I am confident that what you will create is a masterpiece unto itself. When we try to fit in we keep ourselves small. Be big. Be Bold. Create what brings YOU joy.


Ambition In The City

What Brings You Joy?

I Paint because it brings me joy. What brings you joy?


This weekend I completed two art pieces for a friend and colleague of mine. It was such a pleasure working on this project that I wanted to share my experience with you all.  The two paintings above are my first commissioned pieces, so I am sure you can imagine my excitement. I am filled with pride and am grateful to have been given an opportunity to share my passion with someone that can truly appreciate it.

 Over the past few months I have definitely started to uncover a part of myself that lives to create through art. I mentioned in previous postings that I only recently started to paint again after I returned from a trip to Italy. This trip for me represented an awakening of a part of me that has long been locked away. While on this trip, I visited several art galleries and got to know some wonderful local artists. I found myself enthralled by their undying passion, and commitment to their craft. They were vibrant individuals with endless amounts of talent.  As they each put it, they got to wake up every day in paradise and paint till their hearts content. This for me was just a beautiful thing to witness. This was living.  When I left this magical place I promised myself that I would rekindle my love for painting and just see what happens.  It was time for me to practice what I preach in my coaching with my clients.  How can I encourage others to unlock these parts of themselves if I’m not taking notice of these parts of myself as well? I left Italy with the intention to dust off a passion I had long been ignoring and let it come alive again. I couldn’t wait!

 Upon my return to New York, the days quickly got away from me. I returned to work re-energized from my ten-day vacation, but I felt like something was still missing. I wanted to paint! Limiting thoughts charged into my mind every time the idea of painting surfaced. I would worry about the money I was going to need to support this hobby, my lack of training and a number of other silly notions I attempted to convince myself of. Days went on like this until finally I received a sign.  I arrived home one day after work and was met with a coupon for a local art store that had recently opened in my area.  NO MORE EXCUSES!  I told myself I couldn’t ignore this obvious sign for me to do what I had promised myself only a few days prior. I took the coupon and quickly ran down to BLICK art store with my credit card and huge smile on my face. The rest is history!

It’s been a little over four months since that fabulous day in May, and I am now a frequent shopper at BLICK, or as I like to refer to it, my adult Toys R Us.  You can find me at BLICK almost every weekend picking up a new canvas or stocking up on vibrant paint colors that bring a smile to my face.  I worry less about the cost of supplies and my lack of training because the feeling of freedom that I get when I am painting is absolutely priceless.  I find that when I’m painting, I am lost to the world. I am focused and aligned with that teenage girl who just loved to make a mess and create. I enjoy feeling the brush against my finger tips and the feeling I get when I put paint to canvas. It’s a magical experience and it’s one that gives me a great deal of satisfaction.  As I look back at these past few months, I am so happy I made the decision to follow my intuition and return to my passion for painting.  I dreamed, I believed, and I definitely unlocked a part of myself I am so very happy to get to know again.

“If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint“, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” 
― Vincent van Gogh

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A Woman’s Words


“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” 

Anaïs Nin



Ambition In The City




Giving Thanks

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” 
Anais Nin

Sending thoughts of love and gratitude to all my fellow writers out there. Keep sharing your powerful words with the world. There is no doubt that you are inspiring and touching the hearts of many.

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’d like to thank Dreamspinner Extraordinaire for presenting me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am deeply grateful for this lovely honor. If you haven’t yet come upon Michelle’s lovely blog, please take some time today to check it out. I love her work and am often inspired by her writing.


Rules for this Award

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Add the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.

3. Share 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate a list of bloggers that inspire you.

5. Include this set of rules.

6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

7 Random Facts


1. I have been thinking about lunch since I ate breakfast this morning. It’s just been one of those days. I just want to eat everything in sight!

2. I am very much looking forward to a much-needed getaway with my handsome boyfriend to New Orleans at the end of the month. 10 days away and counting. 🙂

3. It makes me a little sad that summer is coming to a close. I am not looking forward to the fall and winter months. I am a summer baby and will always prefer warm weather.

4. I having been painting every weekend in hopes to start my own Etsy shop online. I am in love with the pieces I have created thus far and look forward to sharing them with the world.

images (1)

5. In true summer baby fashion we have booked a Christmas vacation to the Dominican Republic. I am so looking forward to seeing the palm trees decorated with twinkly Christmas lights.

6. Travel, food, and art as you can tell are my favorite things these days. In the next coming weeks I will be taking an Indian cooking class with some of my girlfriends. I cannot wait to learn how to incorporate all of the intoxicatingly exotic spices into some yummy traditional dishes.


7. Last, but certainly not least, I am already planning my 30th birthday extravaganza. This years oversea’s celebration will take place in Greece! Haven’t decided on which island to stay on just yet, but I am certain this trip is going to be one to remember.

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