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My Heart is Set on Abundance

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“Be careful what you set your heart upon- for it will surely be yours.” James Baldwin

Living the law of attraction is no easy task. It takes practice and a positive mindset. The universe will provide you with whatever you desire. Are you welcoming abundance into your life or are you obsessing over the things you lack? Making a conscious shift in your thought pattern can aid you in attracting the life you truly want to live. Be fully present and listen to the requests you are sending out into the universe.

Our Thoughts Examined

cm-30868-0509dbb0fb8934The mind is everything. What we project into the world for ourselves is usually what we get back from the world in return. I am a firm believer in the power of thought. More often than not, people are usually pretty aware of the paths they are creating for themselves with their thoughts. By making everyday decisions, and by having everyday interactions, you are slowly writing the pages of your life story. If you can ever take time to examine your story, ask yourself, “how did I make this all come about?” You will see that your mind and the thoughts you shared with the universe had everything to do with where you find yourself today.

With each passing day one works on the architecture of their life, building foundations for the life events they will encounter in the future. When we are young this foundation is usually first laid down by our parents.  Thoughts and hopes for us are projected onto the universe and our parents wait patiently to see if their children will accept or conform to their wishes. As a child I always knew my life story would include an appreciation for education. Early on my parents had pushed my brothers and I to seek out a good education in order to secure a successful life for ourselves. While I tried my best to incorporate this way of thinking, it caused me to have a lot of anxiety. The pressure to excel in school always hung over my head. If I did not do well in school I would ultimately be unable to compete in this world. I would never achieve any type of personal success, and ultimately I would amount to very little in life. Although my parents intentions were to have their children love learning for the sake of learning,  I associated learning as something I needed to do if I ever wanted to have a good life. It resulted in me adopting a fear mentality. This thought process driven by fear caused me to lose sight of what was fun about learning. It caused me to focus only on what my education would ultimately provide me. I would go through the motions in order to get these small pieces of paper that would serve as my so-called  “badge of power”. A bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in psychology was all I needed, and I eventually earned these degrees in my early 20’s. Like so many students among me I had taken the conventional route towards what I now consider average success. While I am grateful for where these decisions have taken me, I look back at those years as I time when my thoughts lead me to travel on the safe road in life.

My older brother  on the other hand chose the road less traveled. Mike resisted school and learning for most of his young adult life. He thought that school was not necessary, and that the majority of learning could be done independently. He chose this path for himself although he knew it caused much anxiety for our parents. My brother chose not to seek out a college or graduate school degree, and instead was determined to be a self-taught man. Interested in computer sciences my brother took a few months after high school to teach himself the art of web developing. Always a very fast learner there was no doubt he would succeed. The initial worry my parents must have felt slowly dwindled away as Mike began to demonstrate that he could master a skill on his own merely because he had true passion for the field. Today Mike is a very successful web developer and owner of an online business. He is an example of the many people who chose to obtain success through unconventional ways. These types of individuals create success the way they envision it, and not how others have envisioned it for them.


Interestingly enough, although we both had very different ideas around education we have both attained fairly successful careers today. The power of our own individual thoughts pushed us on two very different paths, but lead us both in the same direction, towards individual success. While my thought process was mostly driven by fear and the necessary steps I attributed to achieving success, my brothers thought process was one of seeing his success at the forefront, and working out the details as they came to him. Both raised in the same home, listening to the same ideals and guidance, we both interpreted what was being shared with us very differently.

As I sat to examine the concept of thought, I realized how important it is to look back at your life to determine what thoughts really drove you to where you are today. To identify if your motivation was healthy or if it could have had a negative effect on your life story. If I had been a poor student with little hope of improvement where would that pressure to do well in school have lead me? Would I have dropped out of school or would I have been able to identify another road for myself?  If my bother had not been intelligent and creative enough to teach himself about computers would he have ever been given that first opportunity to enter the web development industry? These are questions we should be asking ourselves. Our thoughts are constantly evolving based on what happens to us each and everyday. As we grow and learn about ourselves we need to understand that our thoughts grow and adapt with us. While some thoughts are stronger and more dominant then others, we must learn to control our thoughts in order for them to benefit us. The power of our thoughts is infinite. They are the driving force to all that you encounter and bring to the pages of your life story. Take time every so often to reexamine what your thought processes are and how they motivate your actions today. Understanding and appreciating the power of thought is the key to creating your own desired reality.


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