Ponder This

What will you notice today?


 Take some time to notice the beautiful world around you today. Let go of the past. Let go of the future. Still you mind in the present and bask in the glory of all that is in this moment. You are here. The practice of mindfulness is one we could all benefit from. Why not start today. Happy Friday everyone.

Ambition In The City

Expanding Your View

An old man walked to a neighboring town and came upon a group of workers carrying heavy stones. He sat down to watch, first seeing a man struggling under the weight of a heavy stone, grunting and having a very hard time with the job. The old man asked him, “What are you doing? The man replied, “Carrying stones,”  and went on with his work.

Then the old man noticed a second worker, carrying a stone much like the stone the first worker carried, but he made the work look easy. This second man was smiling enthusiastically about his work. He asked the second man, “What are you doing?” The man replied, ” I am building the greatest cathedral ever.”

In this parable we see how two men held very different view points about their life and work. While one man chose to see his work as a heavy burden, the other approached his work with enthusiasm and a deep sense of purpose. How do you view your life and work? Do you wake up every morning ready to embrace the day or do you dread each morning viewing your life as a constant struggle? expand-your-view-by-jan-skacelik

Embrace choice and keep moving forward. When we accept that our view on life does not necessarily equate truth, we allow for our inner power to emerge. Our views are often attached to the experiences and interactions we have recorded in our memory. Because these views sometimes help to motivate our daily actions we tend to accept them as our only way of being. “I will never make enough money to buy a house.”, ” Things will never change for the better.” ” I will never let a man break my heart again.” All of these comments are examples of ones view on an aspect of their life. While each a very valid view a person might have of their  life, these are not final truths. Each and every comment contains a choice for that person to make.Whether the choice lies in making a dramatic shift to get you closer to buying that house, making  a change for the better, or letting go of someone who consistently hurt you, there is always a way to expand your view and keep moving forward.

Examine where your viewpoint originates and determine its validity in your life. Whether this viewpoint stems from an ingrained negative belief system you have carried with you since you could remember, or if it is a newly held belief based on a recent derailment you have experienced, only you can attach value to the belief. Explore the viewpoint by deciphering its impact on your daily life. If you find that the way you view life brings you nothing but misfortune and distress, perhaps its time to call for a change. Expand your view to include those thoughts that attract feelings of bliss, purpose, and empowerment. Life will have purpose and meaning for you when you attach value and purpose to all aspects of your being. Dream, believe, and unlock all that is unique and powerful within you. Expand your view and change your life.

What viewpoints are you holding about yourself? Can you pull out the choice hidden in your view and use it to expand on whats possible?

How can we learn to expand our viewpoint so that we can shift the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us? Embrace choice and keep moving forward. We are more powerful than we think.

Ambition In The City