Competition Versus Creativeness

“Competition attempts to be like. Creativeness attempts to be unlike.” -U. S Anderson I don’t know about you, but I choose to be unlike anyone out there. We were each put on this earth with a unique purpose. In the entire world there is no one like you. Stop trying to be what you think others want you to be. Let’s stop being ridiculous, and embrace the fact that we are each essential in our own way. You have been living in the trap of competition for long enough. Why fight to have the same as everyone else when you can strive to obtain something different? Let go of the idea that the value system of the group is the same as your own. What do you value? What do have you to contribute that is good, and true, and unique?

Just as a painter puts paint to canvas with only his/her imagination and creativity guiding his vision, so too should we lead our individual lives. Paint the life you envision suiting your wants, and needs, not the life you see suiting others. It is only when we see value in our individual existence that we can look at life with creativity and wonder. We will take risks and explore every desire, every question, and every ambition that rises from within our minds. We will trust our intuition and resourcefulness, and know that every move we make manifested because we saw fit to make it so.



Ambition In The City

Chasing Happiness


I never thought I was one to chase happiness. I was always taught that happiness was just a by-product of your gratefulness towards life. When I think of where my life has taken me in this past year, I now realize that I was in fact one of the many people who chased goals and accomplishments down in an effort to  truly feel satisfied with my life. While the journey and all its ups and downs are what really help people to achieve a happy life, I like so many others, lost sight of the hours and days spent trying to achieve happiness and never allowed myself to just be. In my 28 years of life, I struggled to find happiness in all things. Whether it was in my academic career, my romantic relationships, or even my work life, my motivation was always to do great now so I can be even greater later. I never sat down to enjoy small success or minor victories. My actions were all a means to an end that in some respect were never later achieved. So what can we do when we realize we’ve been chasing happiness all along? I for one have decided to embrace choice and move forward. No longer worried about what will be, I look to embrace what is now. Like the quote states, “Happy people don’t have the best of everything; they made the best of everything.” Embrace each day for its limitless possibilities. Strive to be happy everyday and not “one day” soon. It is the moments we experience now that matter most. After 28 years of chasing my happy future, I have decided to allow happiness to finally catch up to me. It has been here all along just waiting to be acknowledged. I’m ready to embrace it and find it in all things around me. What will you decide?

Embrace Choice and Keep Moving Forward

10 Tips to Finding Happiness Now

1. Be Present


Commit to living for the experience. It’s so easy to get caught up in our “future thinking” that we forget to embrace true moments of happiness as they happen. BE PRESENT! Commit to enjoy each day as it passes. Regardless if you are wondering what will come next embrace the now and allow its gifts to present themselves. There is so much learning and growth that can be experienced if we just permitted ourselves to be more present. “True happiness is… to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca

2. Let Your Passions Be Your Guide

Regarding our daily activities or career meaningful is vital to living a happy life. As a tool for self exploration, I find it helpful to create a passion list. What are your passions? What have you always wanted to do but never went after? As children we change career ambitions like we change our underwear, but as we get older these early desires begin to fade for the more “realistic” path. Look to your inner child and ask them what they are still yearning to experience in life. As someone who once gave up my passion for writing, I have to tell you, its feel amazing to be back! I feel as though I have reconnected with an old friend and it’s as if we never skipped a beat. List your passions on paper and determine for yourself what it is you have been looking for all this time. It’s never too late to acknowledge that inner yearning. Cultivating your passion with commitment and enthusiastic curiosity will only bring you closer to experiencing true happiness. While it is hard to adopt this type of mindset, attention must be given to our passions. If your motivating factor is the paycheck, you may be depriving yourself of a chance to do your true life’s work. When you can attach purpose to your work, satisfaction and happiness are sure to follow. “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” Buddha

3. Respect the Body


The healthier you are, the more you exercise and eat right, the more likely you will lead a happy life. While it is so easy for us to take our bodies for granted, it is vital that we protect and preserve this beautiful shell we reside in. Take time to nourish the body. Be mindful of the things you put in it and be mindful of the messages our body regularly sends us. Only you can be responsible for the care of this fragile vessel. Be proactive and take the necessary preventive care measures. Your body will be so grateful to you and your mind will be all the more at peace. Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps to reduce ones stress level and has been known to increase ones overall energy towards life. If you intend on living a long life filled with wonder and exploration you must protect the vehicle that is vital in getting you where you want to go in life. “In yourself right now is all the place you’ve got.” Flannery O’Connor

4. Nurture Relationships That Matter 

When it comes to wanting happiness for yourself it’s vital that you surround yourself with positive people who exude happiness themselves. There is no better feeling then the one you get when you cultivate a circle of like-minded, loving individuals that share in life’s special moments beside you. These people are with you during good times and bad. They build you up and share in your accomplishments and significant life experiences. They are honest and dedicated to nurturing the relationship you represent for them. Take care of these relationships as they bring meaning and clarity to your life. Nurture those people who matter to you most. Never take these invaluable people for granted. “The quality of life is the quality of your relationships.” Anthony Robbins

5. Lend a Hand keep-calm-and-help-others-16

It feels so good when you can help your fellow-man/woman. I have often heard it said that when you lend a hand to others you are filled with feelings of joy, appreciation, and inner goodness. Seek opportunities to help others. Not only will you make someone’s day, week, or life, you will bring joy and happiness into your own heart and that’s a beautiful thing. “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” John Holmes

6. Look to the World around You 

Whenever you come to a crossroads in your life look to those around you for strength and inspiration.  Happiness and the courage to change your situation can come when we see others around us who have overcome similar struggles. While no two people are the same we can pull valuable lessons from others stories of courage and perseverance. It is possible to change your course at a moments notice. We see people do it everyday. Why go through life on autopilot when you can take back that control and be the steward of your journey. Transformation occurs when we allow ourselves to be inspired. Listen to others stories of change and allow yourself to see that we too can be transformed when we are open to it. Look to these stories to awaken your inner curiosity and creativity. The possibilities for change and transformation are limitless if you open to uncovering them. I admire people who open themselves up to experience what I like to call an awakening. While once they would consider themselves unhappy and dissatisfied with life, they now have complete control and are happily moving forward on the course they were destined to travel all along. Look to others for inspiration and empowerment. You too can decide to make a change to be happy now. “Change is the end result of all true learning.” Leo Buscaglia

7. Keep Love Alive hands_in_shape_of_heart

A huge part of the journey to achieving true happiness consists of giving and receiving love. To have love in your life requires that you practice having both an open heart and an open mind. Love is an emotion when embraced can really help you to become the person you always knew you were meant to be. Love and happiness easily go hand in hand. Love can lift you up during the darkest times and can motivate you during the best of times. When we feel loved we feel secure in our lives and as a result are empowered to do and be better. Sky’s the limit when you have love in your life. Open your mind to accepting love and watch as your perception of the world shifts. You will be more likely to love and happier because of it. “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” Paulo Coelho

8. Give Value to Experiences

I live for experiences! Memorable experiences make me feel alive and they make me feel connected to the people that matter most to me. Happiness is long-lasting when we take time to place value on the experiences we have and share with others. You can get so much more from an intimate dinner with friends or loved ones than you can from a new expensive purse that will probably go out of style in 6 months. When it comes to happiness create opportunities that will having meaning for you. Plan a romantic vacation with your significant other. Send a handmade heartfelt card to someone close to you that needs it. The emotions that emerge during these moments are powerful and everlasting. While the accumulation of possessions can be nice, these things only provide temporary happiness. “Life is about experience…You can’t hold on to everything.” Sarah Addison Allen It’s the experience and the moments you create that you remember the most. Allow yourself to experience these moments fully. A happy memory can be tapped into at anytime and can result in the recharging of your happiness levels. Live for the experience and keeping making memories. “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Roosevelt 

9. Get Out There! 

Building community is a vital component to achieving inner happiness.  Whether you are part of a religious community or a friendly reading group, being a part of a greater whole can bring joy and purpose to one’s life. Spend time reviewing your passion list and see if any of those interests you identified can connect you with like-minded people. Get out there and build relationships. Joining a group can not only help you to cultivate your interests but it can also aid you in your search for authenticity and true happiness. “Interest and enthusiasm are the wellspring of continually evolving community life: they create bonds which unite us whether we are young or old, nearby or far from each other; they allow human warmth and love to be the formative forces in personal and community life and striving.” Henning Hansmann

10. Know When to Ask for Help helping-hand

When times are tough and you feel stuck seek guidance without fear of judgment. Look to your close friends or family members with whom you can confide in. Listen to your inner voice as it tells you that you need more and that something needs to change. If family or friends just don’t seem to get it, you might come to realize that a coach or therapist is the more suitable person to hear you out. There is no shame in asking for help and there is definitely no shame in loving yourself enough to take charge of your own happiness. Seek out the help of someone who will empower you to see your true potential and inner strength.  Get to know yourself again by identifying those things you love and are passionate about. As your coach challenges you and champions your efforts you will begin to see that happiness, clarity, and a new outlook on life are sure to follow. “The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.” Deepak Chopra

“Happiness is the highest form of self-respect. A person who allows himself to be happy shows his self-respect.” Maery Rubin

Ambition In The City 

Dwell on the Beauty of Life


Ever notice that people often tend to reexamine their lives during moments of significant transition? Whether it’s after experiencing the loss of a loved one, losing a job, or being diagnosed with a serious illness we tend to hold off on looking at our lives until we face moments of  helplessness. Why is this so often the trend?

fake-buddha-the-trouble-is-you-think-you-have-timeThe trouble is we think we have time.  While I am in no way implying that we should spend our days dwelling on the negative things that could befall us, I would like to encourage us to put more attention on life and living in general. Time is an illusion created in our consciousness.  This mental construct has aided us to divert from our truth. Time keeps us from taking on what we can in the moment in exchange for holding out for something else or something more. Time keeps us from saying yes to ourselves. It fools us into thinking we can hold off on taking that dream vacation or changing our career path. It allows us to sit in our stubbornness and hold onto grudges with our fellow-man. Time keeps us from taking those risks that could ultimately lead us to our higher purpose. Time is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The concept of time merely robs us from living in the present. When we believe in the concept of time we to learn to ignore our feelings, emotions and desires and instead push them aside for what we hope will unfold in the future.

It saddens me to know that I too have lived in this way. Always focused on the future and what I needed to do next, I have come to realize how many missed opportunities I have had to be fully present. As I went about my daily routine I was always thinking about the next month or the next year. I was failing at living in the present by dwelling on the idea of a better future.  I have pushed off tough conversations for the sake of believing it could be done at a later time.  I have put people and things on the back burner because I took for granted that I would have the time to deal with them down the road. “I’ll get another chance.” “It just wasn’t meant to be.” These were statements I found myself saying often and over time I found that they succeeded in making me believe my actions were justified.

Over the course of our lives we have each experienced significant moments where life presented us with opportunities to change our way of being. Whether it was a traumatic experience, a loss or an unexpected financial hardship; in these moments time had a way of standing still. It was at these points in our lives that we were forced to stop, to take notice, and to feel. There was no putting it off till later. There was only the here and now.  We needed to act and we needed to act fast. It was during these experiencing that we realized how fragile life is. We realized how limited our time is on this earth, and how a change needed to be made within ourselves if we are ever going to live a full life. These moments served as our wakeup call. “Life is happening right now!” “I’ve missed out on so much.” It’s my turn to live now!” These statements would begin to ring in your mind as you suddenly became aware of all the living you’ve missed out on. Life had been going on without you and it was time to rejoin the living.

While these types of situations can be expected in one’s life time they shouldn’t be relied upon to shake us up. Why wait for a life altering experience to occur when you can chose to alter your life on your own? In order to be fully present one must let go of the concept of time and give into the present. We should not wait to take inventory of our lives during moments of stress or loss, but instead examine our lives in the moment with every choice and action we decide to take. We must start addressing our feelings, wants and needs as they emerge from within us. Saying yes to yourself begins with first listening to what it is your body, mind and spirit are yearning for. Stop ignoring, putting off, or second guessing those internal messages that are being sent to you every second of every day. These moments are your truth just waiting to be acknowledged. Stop dwelling on what may be and step fully into what is right in this moment. Dwell on the beauty of life as you live it. Take in the good, the bad, the triumphs and the hardships and see them for what they are as they occur. Allow for the feelings and emotions that emerge within you to have a voice each and every day. Give yourself permission to listen, question, realize, and ultimately unlock what is true and beautiful about your life and everything around you.

As I was writing this post this morning I received an email from my mother which included a thought-provoking quote ironically on this very subject. I like to think that these words were meant for me and meant for each and every one of you. They are a reminder of how caught up we can all get in attaining what a lot of us believe is the “perfect life”. Perfect is what is happening in this very moment. Embrace the present and dwell on the beauty of life.


Ambition In The City


Appreciate your Voice


Appreciate your voice. It is the reason for your existence.  All of us were put on this earth because we each serve an essential purpose. Regardless of our profession, religion, gender, sexuality, or economic status, we are each powerful in our own unique way. Gifted with a voice to impart our thoughts, ideas, and dreams to impact change, there are no limits to the power we carry within us. Share your voice with the world. Impart upon us your innate wisdom and divinity. What you have the capacity to contribute should not be kept hidden or locked away. Have faith that what you came here to do is something unique unto you. This voice is yours to use everyday. How you choose to use it is solely up to you.

In a world full of comparison, competition, envy, and self-doubt it comes as no surprise that so many of us feel limited in our capacity to use our voice to reach new heights. We lock away what we fear might not be understood by the masses. We keep ourselves small and allow for our voices to become only a whisper among the crowd.  When we lock away these voices, we lock away our own capacity to attain self-actualization. We take on the voices of others and trade our authenticity for a life dictated by the judgments and ideas of others. This is not a life. This is the imprisonment of a soul.

Ambition In The City

Expanding Your View

An old man walked to a neighboring town and came upon a group of workers carrying heavy stones. He sat down to watch, first seeing a man struggling under the weight of a heavy stone, grunting and having a very hard time with the job. The old man asked him, “What are you doing? The man replied, “Carrying stones,”  and went on with his work.

Then the old man noticed a second worker, carrying a stone much like the stone the first worker carried, but he made the work look easy. This second man was smiling enthusiastically about his work. He asked the second man, “What are you doing?” The man replied, ” I am building the greatest cathedral ever.”

In this parable we see how two men held very different view points about their life and work. While one man chose to see his work as a heavy burden, the other approached his work with enthusiasm and a deep sense of purpose. How do you view your life and work? Do you wake up every morning ready to embrace the day or do you dread each morning viewing your life as a constant struggle? expand-your-view-by-jan-skacelik

Embrace choice and keep moving forward. When we accept that our view on life does not necessarily equate truth, we allow for our inner power to emerge. Our views are often attached to the experiences and interactions we have recorded in our memory. Because these views sometimes help to motivate our daily actions we tend to accept them as our only way of being. “I will never make enough money to buy a house.”, ” Things will never change for the better.” ” I will never let a man break my heart again.” All of these comments are examples of ones view on an aspect of their life. While each a very valid view a person might have of their  life, these are not final truths. Each and every comment contains a choice for that person to make.Whether the choice lies in making a dramatic shift to get you closer to buying that house, making  a change for the better, or letting go of someone who consistently hurt you, there is always a way to expand your view and keep moving forward.

Examine where your viewpoint originates and determine its validity in your life. Whether this viewpoint stems from an ingrained negative belief system you have carried with you since you could remember, or if it is a newly held belief based on a recent derailment you have experienced, only you can attach value to the belief. Explore the viewpoint by deciphering its impact on your daily life. If you find that the way you view life brings you nothing but misfortune and distress, perhaps its time to call for a change. Expand your view to include those thoughts that attract feelings of bliss, purpose, and empowerment. Life will have purpose and meaning for you when you attach value and purpose to all aspects of your being. Dream, believe, and unlock all that is unique and powerful within you. Expand your view and change your life.

What viewpoints are you holding about yourself? Can you pull out the choice hidden in your view and use it to expand on whats possible?

How can we learn to expand our viewpoint so that we can shift the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us? Embrace choice and keep moving forward. We are more powerful than we think.

Ambition In The City

Live Beautifully And Dream Passionately

“Life is about the decisions we make to live passionately or passively.” Laura Castoro

There is no better feeling then the one you get from a long day filled with meaningful work. We all have heard the saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius How many of us can actually say we really live by these words? No matter the reasoning, there are a great many of us who have had, or currently have a job we can’t say that we particularly love? If life is about the decisions we make then why aren’t we deciding to go after what we love? Honoring those skills and natural talents we have is vital to leading a happy and fulfilling life. If we don’t love what we do day in and day out then how can we really honor our skills and talents? Strive to share your unique gifts with the world every single day. If it is true that we each have a purpose in life then we should be dedicating as much time as we can to uncover what that purpose is.  If we aren’t finding joy in the things we do most often then we are not only hindering ourselves, but also the world from experiencing our purpose. “The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.” Johann Wolfgang von Gorthe 

Break Away From the Mundane and Let Your Passions Guide You 


Ever come home wondering where the day just went? Ever feel exhausted from a long day and ask yourself “What did I really do that brought my joy today?” For so many of us our days are inundated with the same routine day in and day out. We feel bored, unhappy, and unfulfilled. When do we say enough is enough? How can we reconnect with that part of ourselves that’s just begging to be let free? Awaken your inner artist, writer, singer, or entrepreneur.  Allow that part of yourself to step out and explore the endless opportunities that exist. When we permit creativity to flow without fear or doubt we open a door for possibility to shine upon us. If you find that your days are filled with the same tired routine ask yourself “What are my days missing?”  Devote some time to those things that matter most to you. Reconnect with those inner passions that have been collecting dust in your mind for all this time. While we all have responsibilities that we must attend to, it doesn’t hurt to carve out some time in your day to do something that brings you alive. “Find your voice and let it sing your heart’s song” You never know, what you once thought was just a silly dream may evolve to become something bigger then you could have ever imagined. Honor yourself by being curious. Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

Uncover What Brings you Joy by Being Curious 


I never feel freer than when I’m writing. The time that I devote to this passion is sacred and invaluable. Each time I sit at my computer to write I am filled with feelings of joy, curiosity, and peace. I give myself time each week to explore and play with those aspects of my life that inspire my writing. I look to my life experiences and allow for my curiosity and creativity to flow freely and without judgment. Reconnecting with this passion took a great deal of mental power. I was wondering through life with a yearning to interact with the world on a deeper level. When I reflected on my present reality I realized that my life was lacking that connection I so desired to make with people. I yearned to have a positive impact on others and to contribute to the world in a significant way. While I was content with where my life had taken me thus far, I constantly found myself feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled. I needed more out of my life. I realized that I had grown accustomed to what was my present reality and had stopped challenging myself to do and be better. It was time to be curious. It took several weeks of searching deep within my mind to uncover a passion I had long been ignoring. I realized I wanted to reconnect with people through writing and public speaking. I questioned my interests and passions and I finally acknowledged that what I wanted was to become a coach and a writer. I realized that I had already been doing these things in small subtle ways for the past few years, but I wasn’t doing it in a way that brought me joy and a sense of purpose. I allowed for my curiosity to emerge and stumbled upon my long ignored passion for writing and public speaking. I know feel as though my life is finally headed in the right direction. I dedicate a few hours each day to cultivating this passion.

When you feel as though you have hit a wall in life the universe provides you with an opportunity to make a change. If ignored these feelings of dissatisfaction and longing will start to eat away at you. Pay attention to those requests your body, mind and perhaps even your spirit are sending your way. There is a reason you are feeling this way.  Make it a point to start chipping away at the wall that is blocking you from your authenticity. Ask yourself what you need and really take time to listen to those inner voices that are just waiting to be heard. When you permit yourself to be curious the wall will start to come down and an opening will emerge.  Through this opening you will begin to see potential and possibility. Your interests, hidden talents, and desires will start to become visible to you. What you do with this information is up to you. Will you chose you let your creativity guide you to towards the unknown? How will your honor what you have uncovered about your authentic self? “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”  Albert Einstein

Make Time to Follow Your Bliss


Carving out time to follow your passions can sometimes be challenging. When your life is filled with responsibilities and various tasks that need completing it can prove quite difficult to devote time to your inner passions. Often time we become so consumed by our daily routine that we forget what our passions are. I once sat with a woman who was getting closer and closer to her retirement, and was worried that she wouldn’t have anything to do when she was no longer working. When I told her she could do anything her heart desired she looked at me with a blank stare and said, “I don’t even know what my heart desires anymore.” She continued to say that she had focused so much of her life on work and her family responsibilities that she had lost touch with herself. She couldn’t identify a single hidden passion or dream she once had an interest in. As I continued to probe the issue with question after question around her inner yearning, she finally expressed that all she ever wanted to do was to retire so that she could finally “sit and watch the grass grow.” As we dove into this concept of “watching the grass grow” she was eventually able to identify an interest in flowers and how she loved to care for them. From this she discovered she enjoyed gardening and displaying flowers around her home. Ultimately this interest grew into something even bigger then she could have imagined. She desired to open up her own flower shop and share the beauty of flowers with the world. What a magical moment to behold. She had reconnected with a passion that was always there but had been hidden way down deep under years of routine and responsibility. Flowers had always served as a way to make her happy. She would occasionally purchase flowers to display in her home to bring about feelings of joy within herself. When she finally made the connection that she wanted to bring about this feeling to others she was amazed by her reaction. She had a passion and had finally reconnected with her authenticity. Once she was able to replace her feelings of fear of the unknown she allowed for her curiosity and creativity to emerge. She no longer feared the idea of retiring but looked forward to the freedom retirement represented for her. The wheels were turning in her mind and she looked to the future with enthusiasm. She enrolled in a flower arrangement design course and took the first step towards following her bliss. Where there was once a wall in front of her there was now doors she could pass through. These doors now lead to new adventures and new opportunities. As you can see from this example, our passions have no expiration date. It’s never too late to follow your bliss. Rediscover your passions by being curious, creative, and open. Honor your desires and hidden passions by giving them a chance to grow. Carve out some time to explore where your passions can take you. Give yourself this gift and watch as the universe begins to replace those walls with the doors to happiness, opportunity, and personal growth.

Ambition In The City

Anything Could Happen


“I know it’s going to be.” These are the words I now repeat to myself on a regular basis.  2013 has been a year filled with significant change for me. I have made several important life decisions, and have fully embraced my potential to be great. While some of you might be asking why is this year is different from any other, I’ll tell you. This year I decided to look at my life very differently. I stepped away from focusing on the things that might not happen for me and decided to put all my energy on what I know will be. Anything could happen if you keep moving in the direction of your dreams. I have to tell you a small change in perception can really change your life.


Why do we constantly preoccupy our minds with thoughts of what might not turn out well for us? If life is what we make it, why can’t we focus on making it great for ourselves? While it may be hard for many of us to adopt the practice of thinking optimistically, have we ever stopped to wonder why is it so much easier to think of what might go wrong in our lives.

Grab hold of each day with optimism and embrace what will be. Take charge of charting your own course in life by making decisions that will bring you closer to your hidden and most significant desires. We all know what we don’t want in life. Let’s start asking ourselves what we do want. Anything could happen when let go of doubt and make room for possibility.“It takes one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.” Robert H. Schuller

The Universe is Listening Ask for the Things you Want not for the Things you Don’tWhen you want something the universe will consipre to help you achieve it

When I stopped thinking about the things I didn’t want to have happen in my life I made room for what I did want. Once I made the shift for myself I noticed how differently I approached life and all of its ups and downs. Setbacks appeared like challenges from the universe that would only lead me closer to my goals. Success no matter how small appeared to me as major victories pushing me closer and closer to my truth. I stepped away from my old negative way of thinking and set aside all limiting beliefs that things couldn’t or shouldn’t work out the way I want them to. Why not? Why can’t I have what I want? I deserve happiness, success and all the comforts of life that any other person deserves. Unlock those hidden desires. Dust off an old ambition you had when you were younger. You have all the time you need to make things happen for yourself. The universe will bring forth whatever you ask of it. Start putting your needs out there. The universe is listening. “There is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe…. The soul of the world is nourished by people’s happiness.” Paulo Coelho

Your Past does not Dictate your Future. 


Every experience in life has a lesson to be taken from it. We are each provided with opportunities throughout our lifetime to draw from the experiences the universe sets in front of us. While these experiences have the power to influence our course in life it important that we always remember that we have the final say when it comes to how we chose to move forward.  Your past does not dictate your future. You charter the course all on your own. By deciding to take away those aspects of your past that bring meaning, understanding, growth or motivation you don’t chose to banish your past but take with you those things that will help to create the future you so deeply desire. Examine your past and extract those memories that will enable you to charge ahead with courage and determination. Settling into those negative aspects of your past will only help to keep you stuck in a time when things were not working in your favor. Chose to remain stuck and the universe will aid you to stay there. Chose to reclaim your present reality and watch as the universe begins to provide you with the subtle messages you’ll need to keep you moving forward.  Messages of clarity, power, and possibility will soon begin to emerge. When you decide that you will no longer let your past hold you back the universe will provide you with an opportunity to make things right. Stop looking back. Take only what you need and move in the direction of your dreams. Choose to embrace greatness now and take it with you wherever you go. Your future will begin to look brighter and more appealing with each passing day. “Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday. Realize the past no longer holds you captive. It can only continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. Let the past go. A simply abundant world awaits.” Sarah Breathnach

Embrace Choice and Grab Hold of What you Want 

Do you yearn for new experiences and new challenges in life? Do you find that this yearning over powers even your most deep-rooted fears? What are you doing about it? “Reality is what you embrace.” Daniel Lee Edstrom When we take time to reflect on those things we want for ourselves we allow for an inner dialogue with our authentic selves to begin. What we experience throughout this dialogue is an internal struggle taking place between our loyal soldiers and our authentic self. These loyal soldiers serve as our protectors. They remind us to be cautious, to think strategically, and to weigh every option before taking action. While our loyal soldiers mean well and only want the very best for us, they serve as barriers to our authenticity. They will pull you back from taking a risk because their duty is to remind you of the negative outcomes that may result. When we adhere to our loyal soldier’s advice we shy away from living fully. We relinquish our power to make ambitious choices. Choices that potentially could bring us one step closer to our true potential. It is not the fault of our loyal soldiers that we decide to remain in this safe state of existence. Their duty is to protect and when adhered to they succeed in their goal. So how do we learn to work with our loyal soldiers in an effort to fully embrace our choices and go after those things we deserve? The trick is to take command of your internal army. PULL RANK! Assert your rank as commander of your army and relieve your loyal soldiers of their duty for the moment. You’ve got this, and you know what you need to do. Playing out this inner dialogue can prove beneficial for anyone who finds themselves torn between making a choice around their life. Tell your loyal soldiers what you feel and listen as you slowly begin to step into your power and embrace the choices you know will lead you towards greatness. There may be risk, there may be fear, but life is about seizing your power and letting it guide you where you need to be. Failure, setbacks, and disappointment will surely be experienced but as commander and chief you have all the tools and attributes required to rise above and continue to fight on. It is your choice. Grab hold of what you want and keep moving forward. “You have to take risks … We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” Paulo Coelho

You Have Everything You Need To Be Great 5834663863_18d42a93bf

A few years ago I felt lost. I felt stuck. I felt detached from my authentic self. I had allowed a past derailment define me and take hold of my reality. The days became routine. I settled in all things that were comfortable and familiar. Where there was risk or doubt involved, I saw myself wanting nothing to do with it. I yearned for safety and security and I fought to get it even if it meant sacrificing the person I was. Once fearless and full of enthusiasm towards the world and how I was going to one day contribute to it, I slowly began to let my loyal soldiers take command of my daily interactions and decisions. I needed protection. I needed the comfort that came with living cautiously and strategically. I needed to plan, to save, and to join the ranks of all those people who resisted the unknown for the warmth and peace of mind that came with complacency. I retreated deep into myself. A hibernation of sorts took place. My authenticity lay dormant as I walked through life on auto pilot. I graduated school because I needed to. I took a job I wasn’t necessarily passionate about because that’s what one does to survive. I climbed the ranks because this is what you must do in order to truly be successful. My every move was robotic. I did what I thought I had to in order to secure a comfortable future for myself. I felt exhausted, bored, and dissatisfied. I felt isolated and detached from my authenticity and power. I knew I could and should want more for myself. I felt confused but conversely I felt curious about my present reality. I questioned where I presently was and how far off course I had allowed myself to drift. It was as if I had been walking around with blinders on. Only choosing to see the safe road ahead as I completely disregarded all the winding and wondrous roads I had so often chosen to travel on many years before. I felt a deep sense of loss. I had lost time that I would never get back. I had lost my place. My desire for security and stability had prevented me from being fully present in my own life. I had stepped away from the world around me and had chosen to live in perpetual darkness. Enough was enough. I sat with myself one day and posed the question I would need to answer if I ever hoped to be an agent of change in my own life. “What do you really want and what are you doing NOW to live your truth?”It was at this moment that I decided to relieve my loyal soldiers of their years of service. They had fulfilled their duty and had served their purpose. They had successfully protected me from myself, but it was time that I take back that control.

What I realized in this moment was that I would never ever lead myself towards anything I couldn’t fully manage. My doubt and fear had finally been replaced with a trust in myself to finally take charge and persevere through my presenting obstacles. I had everything I needed to be great, to be safe, and to be happy. There was a renewed sense of abundance all around me. My authentic self had finally awoken from her many years of slumber. Ready to charge ahead and ready to step into power. I believed her and I allowed her voice to resonate within me. “I have everything I need to be great.” “I know it’s going to be.” No longer feeling that sense of loss I became enthused by all that I wanted to discover about myself. Reinvigorated by the shift in perspective I was ready to embrace my greatness and to be fully present in all aspects of my life. “It is amazing how your life changes when you embrace the reality that you’re better than the life you’ve settled for.” Steve Maraboli

Never settle! We all have an innate ability to be great. The universe has a way of recycling, rejuvenating, and re-energizing all. Awaken whatever has lain dormant within you and allow for your power to emerge and guide you toward what is true. Sit with yourself and unveil that part of you that has traveled through life without that light from within to guide you. You deserve to see what’s out there. In the distance lies potential and possibility. It is within you and all around you. You are great! Believe it. Speak it. “The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.” C. JoyBell C.

Find Balance by Fighting for What will be and by Accepting What is 


While our lives will never be perfect one should never stop fighting for what they know deep down could and should be theirs. One must be willing to embrace all aspects of their journey to fully appreciate their arrival to the proverbial finish line. It’s not the final outcome that we relish in, it the journey to that outcome that brings about meaning and a sense of true accomplishment. All aspects of our journey will never be entirely positive or negative. A combination of the two realities will exist for each of us. It when we accept this as our reality we find balance and see value in our experience with adversity as well as with success. When we step fully into the possibility that we may experience both good and bad throughout our lifetime, we step into our power and approach life and its ups and downs with open arms. We let down our walls and protective faculties and we accept what is. Anything could happen in this life and that’s OK! Step into your life. Whether you are fully present for it or if you chose to shut yourself out to it, one thing remains true, life will continue to be. You cannot stop it so why not join in and fully live it. Anything could happen. “You have to take risks … We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” Paulo Coelho

Ambition In The City