Setting Goals

My Heart is Set on Abundance

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“Be careful what you set your heart upon- for it will surely be yours.” James Baldwin

Living the law of attraction is no easy task. It takes practice and a positive mindset. The universe will provide you with whatever you desire. Are you welcoming abundance into your life or are you obsessing over the things you lack? Making a conscious shift in your thought pattern can aid you in attracting the life you truly want to live. Be fully present and listen to the requests you are sending out into the universe.

Lifestyle Changes for 2013

happy-the-movie-page2339“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present” Jim Rohn

Have you ever heard someone say the phrase, “This is a complete lifestyle change”? I hear it all the time coming from fitness and nutrition professionals when they urge their clients to adopt new, healthy ways of living. As we begin the new year, I cannot begin to wonder how many people out there are contemplating their next big lifestyle change. Will you promise to eat right and exercise at least 3 times a week? Do you want to save money to go on an adventure? No matter what the goal is, what will you need to change about your current lifestyle to attain it?  As we begin this new year, I decided to explore some common resolutions and give some examples of how these resolutions sometimes require significant lifestyle changes. If you are set on reaching a specific target goal this year plan ahead and be realistic. If you want something bad enough take the necessary steps to make it happen.