“It’s hard for me to put into words how powerful my experience working with Cristina has been. In the year that we have been working together I have seen incredible changes that I never believed could be achieved in a matter of months. Working with her as my life coach has transformed my life. I have found that my anxiety has nearly disappeared, that I am more confident, that I have more control over my life and feel more grounded and aware. The opportunity to work with Cristina has been a true gift. I began working with her after unexpectedly quitting a job that I hated. I felt lost and scared. I didn’t know where I was going or what I wanted to do. Thanks in large part to my work with Cristina a year later I have started my own business working in my dream career as a photographer. This was a career I had always dreamed of but felt it could never become a reality. Over this past year I have grown closer to the person I want to be, I have become a fearless entrepreneur, who is confident in herself, and who can now face fears and setbacks with grace rather than anxiety. Working with Cristina has helped give me the tools to change behaviors and patterns of thinking that do not serve me. Unlike working with a traditional therapist in which I would talk about the past, coaching is all about what you can do now to make changes and feel happier in the future. I love that coaching gives me tools I can actively use to help myself. And the space it creates for self reflection. I can not express how valuable it has been to reflect weekly with Cristina as my confidant and coach. She has been there to celebrate my successes and joys and there to coach me through those times when I have faced failure, tragedy and uncertainty. I came to Cristina in a time of transition and unhappiness, a year later I am happier than I have ever been and feel very much in a place of peace.  Coaching fulfills a need for guidance, encouragement and self reflection I have never found elsewhere, and is something I will continue for years to come. No mater what you are facing whether you are in a place of uncertainty about your career, struggling with self acceptance, or in a transitional time I would highly recommend life coaching, it may just change your life too!” Amy G. 

“I’m extremely grateful for having Cristina in my life and as my life coach. She is able to create such an amazing space for us to work in during our sessions. While she is a woman of many talents and gifts, one that stands out is her ability to listen with so much compassion and love which is often rare.  She has helped me become more aware of how to respond to situations and be in control of every moment. She’s someone who I would recommend to have as a Life Coach because she is the exact definition of what a Life coach is. She is one empowering and inspiring woman. I  feel gratitude and appreciation for the work that she does. I’m truly blessed to have found a gem.” – Jennifer P. 

“Working with Cristina has been a life changing experience . I recently lost my mom and it was very hard for me to mourn her passing. Working with Cristina has helped me to realize that I don’t have to be that strong person all the time.  It’s OK to feel! I needed to acknowledge my pain and I was able to get there with the help of my coach. With deep compassion, empathy and love, Cristina helped me to connect to that part of myself that just wanted the support and love of others. I have come to understand that vulnerable part of myself and recognize that this part doesn’t make me any less strong of a person.  Where I once felt I needed to be strong for the sake of others, I now realize that I deserve the time to feel and heal as well. I acknowledge my feelings and have given myself permission to be vulnerable . Today I am lifting myself up one day at a time. I might be strong but I can be vulnerable too.”  – Natasha L. 

“I met with Cristina weekly for three months and my experience has been wonderful!  She has helped me so much with working through issues that have made my professional or personal life difficult; I have learned to think more about where others are coming from and to be more honest and forthcoming about my needs with family, friends, and colleagues and stand up for myself that way – firmly but politely.  Cristina was also very supportive while I transition from a stressful job into full-time, stay-at-home motherhood; a very  big change with big opportunities of its own!  I think her positive attitude, endless encouragement, and honest but always kind feedback have helped me feel better about making time for myself and trusting my own instincts, and I think this will make me a more confident, stronger parent.  I highly recommend Cristina to anyone looking to make positive changes in life!” -Melissa J.


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