Coaching for Transformation

So what’s coaching? 
Life Coaching can be described as a collaborative approach to self discovery where the coaching relationship is designed to give all the power to the client. A life coach aides clients in making the connection between their head and their heart through questioning and self exploration.
As trained professionals, coaches assist clients to set and obtain personal goals. Trained to listen intently,  to ask the appropriate questions, and to help clients expand on their own limiting beliefs, coaches provide clients with the opportunity to uncover their own “personal best”.
All too often clients seek out a coach to get answers. We believe that you already know the answers to every question or challenge you will ever face in life, you just need someone to help you realize what you have known all along. “The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today.” Les Brown
Coaching Vs. Therapy 

First and foremost, Life Coaching is very different from therapy. Therapy is usually focused on healing “old wounds” while life coaching assists people to move forward and take control of today. A therapist wishes to tap into your past to identify the reasons why you are where you are today. A life coach will challenge their clients to identify what they wish to improve upon, to get out of their comfort zone, and determine their preferred future regardless of their past. A Life coach is not there to fix your problems, but to help you uncover the options that have been available to you all along. Whether you are looking to improve your career, a relationship, your health, or physical well-being, coaching can guide you to be the expert of your own life.

Areas of Focus

  • Improving Relationships and Intimacy
  • Building Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Stress Management Assistance
  • Entrepreneurial and Business Development
  • Achieving Work-Life Balance
  • Motivation and Time Management
  • Becoming More Assertive
  • Spirituality and Personal Growth
  • Developing an Understanding of Your Own Obstacles
  • Creating New Habits and Eliminating the Negatives
  • Health, Aging, Life Style and Self Care
  • Career Planning and Development
  • Family and Parenting
  • Overcoming Fear

Coaching Format 

  • Complimentary Coaching Consultation
  • 60-90 Minute Intake Session
  • 30-60 Minute Weekly Phone, Video, or Live Session
  • Unlimited Email Support


    1. Thank you for your feedback. Coaches assist to create a sacred relationship that’s takes people to the core of their being. Once a foundation is established between coach and client a safe space for self discovery and growth is brought to the surface and cultivated. Coaching is a very dynamic process from beginning to end. Definitely take some time to research what coaching for transformation is all about online if you ever get a chance. There are many layers to the work that can be beneficial to all types of individuals who seek to gain greater self aweness. Thanks for visiting my blog.

      1. I would never say anything derrogatory about blogs written by anyone. I was trying to convey the fact that having a coach was a very good thing – a good relationship.

      2. Oh no I agreed with you completely Barbara. I just thought it would be nice to share some more information around the coaching relationship. Your feedback was perfectly on point. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it very much.

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