Ponder This…

What do you love?  Have any of your recent actions openly expressed this love?


When we can recognize what it is that makes our hearts sing, there is no telling our capacity to impact change in this world. Doing what you love is not only an open expression of the love you have for yourself, but of the love you wish to share with the world. When we actively ignore those things that bring us alive, we deny ourselves, and the world from experiencing our purpose. Love yourself.  This is not an act of selfishness. This is an act of self acceptance. It is the acceptance of your authenticity and greatness and this is something we all carry.  No one person is more or less deserving of loving each and every moment of their lives.  When we demonstrate love through our actions and decisions we connect to our truth. We step into our power and manifest for ourselves the lives we always knew we could have.  Love it up, and create change. In the immortal words of The Beatles, all you need is love.

Ambition in the City


    1. Hi,
      Glad you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share it with your readers. It would be a beautiful thing if we could all do the things that make our heart sing. I have the privilege in my work to help individuals uncover what those things are. It’s a great thing to witness. Thanks for reading. Please visit again soon.

  1. I like the titles you’re using, they’re attractive and make you wonder about the content. Lovely post; I sure agree with you. Sometimes, you can’t just start doing the things you love immediately because a better thing maybe waiting up in the sky, We just need to keep our eyes and hearts open, plus, trying to do the things we love but never get upset if it didn’t work. You inspired my new post for the night. 🙂

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